Bark Island supports West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

Here at Bark Island, we’re long time advocates of fostering and adoption when it comes to dogs, our furry family members.  2023 has been a record breaking year (and not in a good way) for shelters around the UK.  Shelters, rescue centres, dog fostering and adoption charities around our nation will tell you just how desperate it is for dogs in the UK right now.

Things have never been this bad…

There are record abandonments of dogs for a number of reasons, but many rescues are citing that the Covid puppy boom is really having an impact now that those puppies have grown into adolescents and young adults (the usual age that dogs show challenging behaviours and are at more risk of being abandoned).  This is coupled with owners’ return to offices rather than working from home and dogs struggling with separation anxiety.  The BBC and Forbes have both reported on the effect of the pandemic puppy boom issues over the past year.

We are also experiencing a cost of living crisis which is having a huge impact on owners and their dogs; people are simply struggling to cope in this economy and can no longer cover the expensive cost of insurance, dog food, vet bills and much more. The Dogs Trust discusses the issues faced during this crisis in an informative article that you can read here.

And as if this weren’t putting enough strain on dog charities, Breed Specific Legislation has again reared its head, introducing so-called “XL Bullies” as a new banned breed.  Although reputable charities, such as RSPCA and Blue Cross, the British Veterinary Association and many more are against this, the legislation will be in place from 2024.  This has led to abandonment of hundreds and thousands of bull breed dogs around the UK.  These dogs now stand little chance of adoption due to the conditions new owners would have to abide by (including lack of health insurance cover) and are therefore taking up more space, languishing in shelters around the country.

A blanket campaign!

A terrier dog wrapped in blankets

Here at Bark Island, we’re desperate to help where we can and so we’re supporting our local dog rescue charity, now and always, but particularly during this cold winter.  West Yorkshire Dog Rescue is in desperate need of blankets and fleece throws to keep dogs in their care warm and to be used as bedding.

We’re asking our amazing customers if they can donate their old blankets, throws and fleeces and we will transport them in bulk to WYDR.

We know things are tight financially, so we’re not asking for money, but maybe you can help in a way that doesn’t cost you?  Although, if you have got a spare penny or too, donations can be made via the charity’s Paypal or via their website.

If you can leave a blanket for the charity, please pop it in our hut at the top of the field on your next visit.  You can also help by sharing our Facebook posts about the campaign.  Thank you so much to our customers for being ACE!!!!

About WYDR

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue is a Registered Charity managed by Committee on a totally voluntary basis.  The main priority is the dogs, their welfare and finding the most suitable homes.  They provide a lifelong return policy should adoptive owners be unable to keep them.

There is an enormous call for their services, every year they rehome around 250 dogs into loving homes.

By using volunteer fosters instead of kennels WYDR are able to ensure running costs are minimised.  They rely heavily on discounts for vet treatment (which costs between £2000-£5000 every month), and public donations of money, food and equipment.

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue Dogs for adoption

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue provide a community service for dog ownership throughout West Yorkshire and beyond.  They truly do help in so many ways:

  • People who have to rehome are reassured their dog will be well cared for and a good, appropriate home found
  • Rather than kennels, a small network of voluntary fosters care for dogs in their own homes until a new owner can be found. This reduces stress on the dogs and enables WYDR to give an assessment of what the dog is like to live with
  • WYDR are committed to giving every dog a health check by a veterinary surgeon and ensuring all necessary treatment is carried out
  • All dogs are microchipped and owner details are registered to ensure all found dogs are returned
  • WYDR provide a matching service to ensure compatibility of the characteristics and personalities of dogs to the experience and lifestyles of owners
  • All dogs go to their new home with five weeks free health insurance cover
  • WYDR provide a return for life service. We use a legally binding, signed Adoption Contract which includes that should the owner circumstances change, the dog can be returned for rehoming
  • WYDR also provide ongoing telephone support to owners

Further information

If you would like further information about our blanket campaign or would like more information about WYDR, please contact or West Yorkshire Dog Rescue.