As a proud dog owner in the United Kingdom, you probably believe your furry friend is the epitome of cuteness. Those countless photos you share with friends and family daily could be more than just a delightful pastime—they might be a source of extra income.

Enter the captivating world of dog modelling in the UK, where the possibilities are as diverse as your dog’s unique charm.

small dog walking down a catwalk with human model

To embark on this exciting journey, aligning yourself with a reputable dog modelling agency is crucial. These agencies not only open doors to various opportunities, but also provide valuable guidance to ensure a professional experience. In the dynamic landscape of UK dog modelling, let’s explore the top-tier agencies that stand out:

#1 The Animal Talent Ltd

Unveiling the crème de la crème! The Animal Talent Ltd takes the spotlight as the pinnacle of dog modelling agencies. Established and trusted worldwide, this agency boasts unparalleled connections within the film, television, and high-end theatre industries from its central London location. Working with A-list actors and Hollywood producers, these casting specialists provided the BAFTA dog, the bird and tortoise for Gray Sorrenti’s Loewe campaign and is led by the only female in the UK licensed to handle dangerous wild animals. If your dog – or tiger – is well-trained and can effortlessly navigate a film set, The Animal Talent Ltd is your gateway to a world of exciting opportunities working for the best brands globally.

#2 PetLondon Models

For those aiming at a more magazine or picture perfect socials vibe, PetLondon Models is an excellent choice. Renowned for their experience with prestigious fashion brands, they specialise in showcasing your pooch’s photogenic qualities. They have a vast array of dogs of all shapes and sizes that perfectly pose for that Instagrammable photo. This company can also provide costumes and props for any job role.

#3 A-Z Animals

For many years, A-Z Animals has been involved in the industry, partnering with filmmakers and photographers alike to produce iconic animal content. This agency provides trained animals with professional handlers and trainers. They work with many animals across a variety of species, focusing on dogs, cats and horses. A-Z Animals famously provided the TSB horses for that iconic commercial.

#4 Dogs on Camera

Dogs on Camera boasts a ‘no upfront cost’ for membership; perfect if you want to dip your toes (or paws) in the water. Serving as animal consultants for film, TV, stage, and advertising, Dogs on Camera have an extensive portfolio of dogs ready for the spotlight, so if your dog is the next superstar, this might be the agency for you. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to presenting your dog’s best features.

#5 Pet Stories

With a unique approach, Pet Stories leverages their existing photography service to connect pets with brands. Their mission is not just to promote the ‘top dog’ but also the ‘under-dog,’ emphasising inclusivity in the industry, with dogs that have disabilities or other unique traits. Opting for a documentary style, they choose to portray pets in a way that reflects real life.

Corgi holding a camera and taking photos


Now that you’ve identified the cream of the crop of dog modelling agencies, let’s delve into the financial side of dog modelling in the UK.  Earnings vary depending on factors such as the type of jobs your dog takes and the tasks they’re expected to perform.  Your dog model agent will work to get the best fee for you and your pet. Professional photoshoots start from around £100 per day and you should expect to have your travel costs covered as well.  This can provide a lucrative additional revenue for dog modelling hobbyists.  Those with several animals may consider this as a serious career choice!


To kickstart your dog’s modelling career, consider compiling the following essentials:


Gather some professional photos showcasing your dog’s versatility; explore how they look from all angles and capture in ‘still form’ some of their skills and abilities.

Profile / CV

Put together a CV detailing your dog’s achievements by compiling a skills list, a description of their behavioural attributes and document their past work experiences.  Showcase the best of your dog’s characteristics and abilities.

Choose your agency

Research the most appropriate agency for you and your pooch. By collaborating with a reputable agency, you will access a broader spectrum of opportunities. Work together with your agency to gather work experience and improving your dog’s portfolio.


Identify what makes your dog stand out in the market; what is their unique selling point? What makes your dog different from the rest?  What is your dog great at that other’s are not?  Basically, work out what your dog’s vibe is and run with it!

Canine Classes

Ensure your dog is well-trained and can stay composed in different scenarios.  Socialisation with people and different environments is imperative in order to prepare for the unique scenario of a film studio and a photography studio.  By continuing training, you’re not only increasing the bond and the fun times you have with your dog, you’re increasing their chances of getting picked for skilled roles requested by production teams.


As your dog ventures into the exciting realm of dog modelling, numerous UK brands are on the lookout for canine stars. From Audi to Amazon, Pets at Home to PrettyLittleThing‘s fashion-forward offerings, there’s a niche for every dog’s unique charm. You may get to the point where you pick and choose the brands you work with depending on your ethos; for example, if your dog is raw fed, you might choose not to work with kibble brands and so on.  It’s exciting to think about who your dog could represent!


  1. To ensure your dog’s success in the competitive world of modelling, master essential skills such as staying still, responding to commands, acclimating to props and maintaining composure in various settings, from working out on location to in a TV or photography studio.
  2. Remember, modelling is not just about looks; it’s about skills and ability, temperament and most importantly, creating an enjoyable experience for both you and your furry companion.
  3. For those aspiring to see their dogs on TV in the UK, a strategic approach involving the right personality, advanced training, captivating character and your agent’s connections with casting directors is key. Give your dog the best chance by training and enhancing the bond between the two of you, setting the dog up for success.

Ultimately dog modelling in the UK is a realm of endless possibilities and with the right guidance and support from your agent, your canine companion could be the next sensation in the world of animal talent and dog modelling.

As you embark on this exciting journey, prioritise your dog’s well-being, and relish the joy of turning your beloved pet into a star!