11 Reasons to hire a dog field

Doodle type dog running through a field

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about with all the new dog fields popping up everywhere? Well…

You have a dog? ✅ Check.
You have legs? ✅ Check.

So you might be wondering why you would want to pay someone to use their field when there are plenty of places to walk for free with your dog. ✅ Check.

If this sounds like you, fair enough and OK, but now it’s time for a bit of honesty! Let’s be real…

  • Is your dog a puller?
  • Are you frankly exhausted after a week at work and looking after the kids, running errands and cleaning the house AND running around after the dog?
  • Are you too scared to let Fido off lead because he’s wildly inappropriate in public places (from sniffing other dog bums to sniffing human private parts)?

Here’s eleven solid reasons why it might be time for you to schedule in a booking of your local dog field:


Big dog holds the leads of three smaller dogs

                                                                                                                    1.  You own multiple dogs

If you have two or more dogs and you’re the sole dog walker in the house, it can be tough to walk more than one dog at a time; leads get tangled, one dog walks faster than another and you end up looking like Superman in the air. Plus, if each of your dogs gets two walks a day and they all have to be walked separately, that could be upwards of four hours each day of solid walking. I’m sorry but even Mo Farah would be a bit fed up on the last walk of the day. Why not let all the dogs in your household have some safe off-lead time and run freely together?



2.  Training
Dog fields provide a safe and controlled environment for training dogs. Whether you’re working on obedience training, agility training, or just some specific behaviours, a dog field offers ample space for practice where you won’t face distraction from other owners or other dogs. Maybe you’re trying to nail recall, or maybe you want master the perfect down position, in a secure field you have the opportunity.


3.  Exercise
What do dog owners love the most? Seeing their dogs run free with the wind in their ears and their tongue dropping to one side. The sheer joy of watching your dog lollop around without anyone to bother them is unparalleled. A secure dog field has a large, fenced area to run, play, and exercise. It allows dogs to burn off energy, engage in physical activities and have fun with their owners.


4.  Fearful dogs and their owners
We don’t always know the background of our dogs, particularly in those who have been rescued, but even in dogs with the best pedigree, some of them are a little scared of the world around them. If your dog is fear reactive, people reactive, dog reactive or struggling with any form of anxiety, dog fields offer a safe space where you can work on their training one-to-one or just allow your dog the freedom to experience an hour or two without fear.

A booking in the field is solely for you and your dog, offering the best chance at a fear-free environment with no other distractions. If you’re someone like me who is sick of hearing “my dog is friendly” from an idiot who blindly runs after their unruly, off-lead dog (with no recall whatsoever) and their dog has just bumbled into your nervous dog, then you’ll surely be glad of this opportunity.


5.  Off-lead freedom
Talking of idiots who let their dogs off lead in public when they have no recall, maybe we should point them in the direction of this blog! In all seriousness, we are not judgemental. We know recall is one of the hardest skills to master with any dog. Dog fields give dogs the chance to enjoy off-lead freedom while avoiding potential dangers and concerns associated with public areas. It also gives the owner a good opportunity to work on recall training which is an essential yet tricky skill.


6.  Got a big, scary dog or two?
At Bark-Island, we’re vehemently opposed to Breed Specific Legislation and so we’ve got your back. As a fully insured dog field, we are also large breed dog owners ourselves. We have seen first hand the prejudice bull breed owners, shepherd owners, rottie owners (among the many) face on a day to day basis. By providing a secure field, we’re giving your “big, scary dog” (whom we know wouldn’t harm a fly), a space to run free without other people picking their little dogs or children up and running away on the other side of the street. We know that big dog owners have to work really hard to keep their dogs safe and we want their play time to be just as much fun as it is for the smaller breeds.

A little dog looks up at a large dog


7.  Got a tiny teacup dog?
Here at Bark-Island, we’re fans of all shapes and sizes and we get how the world must be a bit intimidating if you look up to the sky to be confronted with the drools of a Great Dane. If your tiny pooch would prefer to play away from the big boys, we’ve got you covered.

Drool is disgusting anyway 😂


8.  Bonding Time
Dog fields provide an opportunity for owners to spend quality time with their dogs in an open and spacious setting. It allows you to engage in activities, games, and exercises that strengthen the bond between you both.


9.  Rehabilitation
Dogs recovering from surgeries or injuries may benefit from a dog field where they can slowly regain their confidence and physical abilities. It allows your dog to rebuild strength through controlled movements and exercises while not being approached by other dogs that may inadvertently bump into you.


10.  Party time
Dog fields are often utilised for group meet -ups and play dates. If you and your pal want to walk your dogs together without being interrupted by others, go halves on booking a secured dog field and practice safe socialisation. Dogs and humans are better together.


11.  Stress Relief
Dogs, like humans, can experience stress. A dog field provides a stress-free environment where dogs can release pent-up energy, explore, and engage in activities that promote mental and physical well-being. But let’s face it, sometimes it’s us humans that need a stress free walk with our dogs; that’s exactly why Bark-Island is here.

Beagles running. The leader has a yellow ball in his mouth


Ultimately, dog fields offer a safe, controlled, and dedicated space for a range of purposes, catering to the needs of dogs and their owners. If you feel you and your pooch could benefit, book here today.